Episode 17-Better Sex and Intimacy Part 1

Matt and Anna talk about how to open up communication regarding likes and dislikes, as well as ways to start spicing up your sex life.

Fantasy Box

Fantasy Box is an amazing way to really spice up your love life and help you and your partner discover new things about yourselves and each other.  Each box contains a different theme which will guide you on how to indulge into new worlds and experiences. The product quality is great as well and they have different pricing tiers set up for different budgets.  We can not recommend this service enough and it has done wonders for us.   Give it a shot and let us know what you think.



This is a great site for figuring out what things you and your partner are mutually inerested in doing.  It will only show questions which you both match on and not disclose anything where either partner said they would not be interested in trying, so you don’t have to be shy about being completely honest.  This is a great starting point to figure out what activities you and your partner want to dive in to together.