Episode 11 – How Gratitude Can Improve Your Life and Relationships



In this episode, Matt and Anna discuss creating a daily gratitude journal and the many benefits creating a life of gratitude can bring to those who practice it.

Key Takeaways

For this episode, we highly recommend picking up The 90-Day Gratitude Journal: A Mindful Practice for Lifetime of Happiness.  Be sure to also join our Facebook group and the 30-day gratitude challenge so you can get the support of others to make this life-changing practice a new habit in your life.

Benefits of Practicing Gratitude

  1. Gratitude Increases your Happiness
  2. Gratitude Improves your Mental Health
  3. Gratitude Helps You Savor Positive Experiences
  4. Gratitude Helps You Cope with Major Life Challenges
  5. Gratitude Fosters resilience
  6. Gratitude Boosts your Self Esteem
  7. Gratitude Fosters Empathy
  8. Gratitude Gives you a Better Nights Sleep
  9. Gratitude Strengthens relationships

How to Build the Gratitude Journaling Habit

  1. Focus on Building Just the Gratitude Habit
  2. Commit to 30 or more days of Gratitude
  3. Anchor Gratitude to an established Habit
  4. Track the gratitude habit
  5. Plan for potential obstacles
  6. Practice gratitude throughout the day
  7. reward yourself for consistency

Recommended Book

Final Note

If you need a little inspiration to start your gratitude, understand that the mere fact that you are here right now reading this text is, for all intents and purposes, a miracle.  The chances of you existing are unfathomably low and yet here you are.  A winner in one of the toughest lotteries the universe has ever put out.  You exist and that is something to truly be grateful for.

For more information about the odds of you, see the below video and info-graphic.